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How To Create Blog with Blogger

If you wants to Create a Blog With blogger, this is Just a simple, bacause only some step. Ok If u have a GMail, u can applying for Cretate blogger with this Account, Because a Blogger is section from Google, u can simple mangement Blog for next. We Recomended tou to use GMail. Next step if you done have E-mail, you must SignUp in Blogger.

Get started

The fastest way to understand blogging is to try it out. We've worked really hard to make it really easy for you. Just click then you must clik [Click Your blogger Now] or clik this [Crete a Blog] for simple step, and you can be part of the phenomenon that's transforming web and media to a participatory activity in less than five minutes. Seriously.
What will happen then? Who knows. It might be fun, though.
And remember: Blogger is totally free, and if you have trouble, just click the Help button from any screen, and you can find the answer you're looking for—or even ask our dedicated support staff.

1. Create Account

Next Step u must Fill a Form Registration from Blogger. see this image below: for Detail Click and View Image.

Fill this form if done klik Continue to next Step.

2. Name your blog

In this Step u can chang a Blog Title, Blog Adres (url), /* Cek your url Avaibility, */ if  not available, u mas change other url. Word Verification, And Click Continue: View Image:
If your finish step to, next step, u must choise a Template.. Tihis tempalte is a Satandar from blogger, for unstandar or Customaizinng tempalte, see on other articel.

Click Continue if your don choise a template for new blogger. Then Blogger shwoing this Text.

Your blog has been created!

We've just created a blog for you. You can now add your posts to it, create your personal profile, or customize how your blog looks. If your Start to Posting Just Click [Start blogging]. Congratulation now u have a blogger. Just simple and easly.

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